Can anyone help me with saving a part i made as a dxf file?


I created a simple part in sketchup for my quadcopter that I need to save as a dxf file so that I can have it cut out of carbon fiber. I don’t have sketchup pro and I don’t know any other way to get it to a dxf file so that I can have it made. Can someone please help me out?


I use MeshLab to check SketchUp DAE files prior to 3D printing. If you export a DAE file from SketchUp, you can import it into MeshLab and then export it as a DXF (among others). You can find MeshLab (free) at:

I’ve attached a sample file I exported … I don’t have an easy way to check it: pendant.dxf (1.7 MB)


I’m not having any luck mashup doesn’t seem to want to work on my laptop. Can someone help men out with this?