Converting a Sketchup Make drawing into a DXF file using OS x (mac)

I’m trying to do a simple 2D drawing from Sketchup Make and be able to download to to give to the guy at the metal shop so he can cut out a circle from a plate of steel. He said he needs a DXF file. I have a MAC computer.
Can I do this?

Thank you.


First of all, SketchUp uses segments to approximate arcs and circles. Ie, not real circles. But some CAD exporters can convert SketchUp’s circles to DWG or DXF circle objects. BUT, CAD import / export is a Pro only feature. (You may be able to find a free DXF exporter. Search the SketchUcation PluginStore or the Trimble Extension Warehouse.)

Second, SketchUp is a 3D modeler. I myself would just use one of the numerous free 2D CAD apps for this.

For example, LibreCAD saves natively as DXF 2007, and explicitly (via “Save As…”) from R12 up to 2007.

There is also free Dassault DraftSight 2D. (It requires, each year, that you register your email address to use it.) It can also save as 2010 and 2013 DXF, but also in both text (ASCII) and binary formats.

(Both of these above have Windows and Mac editions.)

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wow …you’re amazing…thank you for that advice!!!