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I can’t figure out what comes with the free system and what comes with each type of paid purchase and your direct sales line goes to open air. Is the sales line a joke to get rid of people who use phones?

The free versions of SketchUp–whether browser-based or a download–are full featured, with all the tools you need to generate models. At this point, the browser-based versions don’t support add-on apps known as plugins; these handle tasks that the basic SketchUp tools can’t. The browser-based versions aren’t well-suited for printing, which you need to do to generate working drawings.
The for-pay version, SketchUp Pro, comes with a few tools that the free versions lack; most people won’t miss them. More importantly, Pro comes with two allied programs–LayOut and Style Builder. LayOut works in tandem with SketchUp to generate plans, scaled drawings, and presentation documents. Style Builder allows you to create unique line styles for your models.
If you intend to use SketchUp in your business, you are obliged to use Pro. If you want SketchUp strictly for personal use, choose one of the free versions; In my opinion, SketchUp Make (the download) would be the best choice.

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The other day I could buy sketchup for $119. Today it is $695?

What gives?


$119 is for a year of SketchUp Shop. $695 is for a perpetual license of SketchUp Pro.

Yes, but I can’t find the link to sketch up shop and I don’t know whether I need the expensive version.

If you could only talk to me by telephone we could solve all of this.


SketchUp Shop download link

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