$600 for LAYOUT

A new user of MAKE with a lot to do realising LAYOUT is a key for planning and sizing pre SU MAKE , so FREE is a bit much for NON-PROFESSIONAL ,LOW INCOME and possibly many other people ( $ 40 ) or somthing is affordable then possibly a purchase link to LAYOUT ,I think $ 600 ± is not so much for bussy - ness people ( my drawing board cost more than that 1981 all lost ) a bit silly to create a PLUG-IN , so $600 to get LAYOUT, having make for free ,is looking for others who want to use LAYOUT, and IDEAS and SUGGESTIONS,or my rushed obvious errours,Jon

To my memory the Pro licence is $695 (US).

You get Layout with and Style Builder and a few extra features on SketchUp. Most importantly, you get the licence to use the software commercially, throw into that also some maintenance / support…

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What exactly is it that you would do in LayOut “pre SU MAKE”?

my point is ,I dout I will ever use this and other such programs commercially , if the situation arrose ,then $600+ is very good value and should then be affordable, that is why non proffesional ,low income and free version exist , ( and to try ), except , as I said ,LAYOUT is not available in any form except profesional bundled with SU. OR , is there a plug-in that can fill the void ,(not much sense creating a plugin when a program already exists, got a lot to do,Jon.

So what is it that you’d like to use LayOut for?

I NEVER GOT TO TRY layout very long (typing ah) now some months with SU , flow progress is good , I AM planning a 3 year project to transfer my automated transport design from 12 A3 draft ( 2009-2013) to animation and further the engineering reality details + 10,s of other designs to present them to relevent industy.(I am a programming musician semi pro ) as you say I now realise LAYOUT might replace the initial pencil drafting and that is not wasted (transfer to SU) tho there is no cheep way into LAYOUT. + were,s the pencil (and colour ) box ,styles is in the other room ,sort of thing,Jon,

I guess getting SketchUp Pro and LayOut could be considered part of the cost of doing business.

Alternatively, you can export image from SketchUp and insert them into your word processing application and add the text there.

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600 is not a bargain as Sketchup Pro was before, but I’d consider it a fair price for the right to use it commercially and for the ability to use Layout.

How much would you pay for a software like Sketchup even without Layout? Now add Layout to the pack… it’s cheap comparing to other software, specially if you consider the maintenance fees of other software and the fact that if you don’t pay maintenance, even so you get a very robust solution that is usually thought with retrocompatibility in mind.

For me, Sketchup+Layout are the best solution in the market for architecture.

yes or use Inkscape [Free Vector Illustration software] or

Powerpoint [ surprisingly capable illustration software ] if you think outside the "slide’ …

eg Powerpoint can do A1 layouts…

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