Cant use layout- end of trial,

i have use sketchup pro for the trail time and swich to make whan it over…
can use sketchup but cant use layout!!

traid to uninstal it several times…dident work…

what can i do?
thank you!

layout is a pro (payed) feature only. Your trial is over so if you like to continue to use layout you will have to buy pro.

thank you.
do you know how much does it cost?

[Excerpted from a recent Forum post]
"You can purchase a new SketchUp Pro 2015 license for $700. That breaks down to $580 for a non-expiring license, and $120 for the Maintenance & Support plan. (Please note: network license pricing has changed too, but educational discounts haven’t!).

Read all about it in the blog post:"

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