Can't access LayOut in free trial of SketchUp Make



Hi - I just downloaded the trial version of Make but when I try to use the Layout software, it tells me “Sorry this version of Sketchup is not licensed”.

I don’t need or have time to learn how to use Sketchup proper, is there any way I can just access the Layout programme during my trial period?


LayOut is part of SketchUp Pro. It is not available to users of SketchUp Make. You can access it during the 30-day trial period of Sketchup Pro but after that time, you must have a pro license to use LayOut.


Thanks, I’ve uninstalled Make and downloaded Sketchup Pro but I get the same message. I’ve never used Sketchup on this computer before.


Which version of SketchUp pro did you download? If you’ve had SketchUp 2016 either Pro or Make installed on it at all, you’ve probably gone past the trial period. sketchUp detects that it’s already been there. At this stage you’ll most likely need to buy the Pro license to be able to use LayOut.


Weird - I haven’t ever used it before apart from the free trial of Make I installed on this computer earlier today. I’m a home user wanting to plan an event layout so the Pro version simply isn’t an option.


If you installed SketchUp Make, it would have installed as a trial of the Pro version.

How is it you plan to use LayOut? It is intended as a tool for creating documents for presentations and plans and such from SketchUp models. it isn’t intended as a drawing or drafting tool on its own.


Echoing Dave, your wording “wanting to plan an event layout” causes me to worry that you may not understand what Layout does, maybe mislead by its name. SketchUp is a 3D model building program, and Layout is its associated 2D presentation and annotation program. Layout has no tools geared toward laying out things per se.