Layout and Free?

Hello there,
Is there a way to layout the work I made with the Free version? It is difficult to open them in Pro trial. Are there any layout possibilities in the Free version?
Before I decide, I’d like to know something about Layout. The trial version lasts too short to learn to handle it properly (for a busy person)
Thanks in advance for some answers


There is currently no LO for the web but it would make sense for it to be planned. However I would assume it to be a pro (shop) feature only, just as desktop LO is.

Regarding the trial period it maybe isn’t enough to learn every little feature, but it should be sufficient to get an idea of what kind of program it is, and if you find it worth the money.

Oh… thanks for replying. For the moment I’m so low on cash there is no question to buy a Pro, plus there’s only a few things I’d need from it, not everything; so it would be sitting in my computer like useless for about 75%… That’s a lot of money to spend for useless stuff!
Is there no way I could buy Layout alone? And use it on the desktop Free or web Free?
That would be sooo great a solution for all of us pennyless Sketchup lovers! :sob:

LayOut is only available as part of the Pro package. It is not available as a stand alone program.

If you are using SketchUp for commercial work, you do need pro for the license. The free versions are not licensed for commercial use.

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That’s not the problem, I’m not using it for commercial use. It’s just that I don’t have the money to buy a complete package, so I hoped there was a way to buy that Layout-thingy separately, it’s bound to be less expensive, wouldn’t it? If it was available?
But if it’s not, I’ll have to go without it, I suppose… as for so many things I can’t afford… :disappointed:

LayOut isn’t available by itself. I guess that’s kind of the end of that story.

You could export images from SketchUp and import them into something like InDesign or some other page layout application.

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Aahh… that’s an idea. How about Office Publisher? That was in my computer when I baught it. Would that work? I never tried that yet. And I have an old CS2. Would it work in Photoshop?

It might work for what you need. I don’t know since you haven’t said exactly what you need to do.

I’m drawing a comic. I’m an artist. I create buildings for my decors in SU, and I want to print them out to draw them from different angles. That is great fun, but printing straight from SU is awkward. Usually you only manage a screenshot, and with all the taskbars cut off all you’ve got left is a detail of your work, or a drawing so small it’s just a speck. Useless to draw.

So you just draw these comics for free?

Why don’t you export images from SketchU?. Even from the free web version there’s nothing difficult about that.

so far, I indeed draw them for free, until I ever find myself a publisher… If ever I make a Eurocent with my work, of course the first thing I’ll buy is whatever I need to make more, including a SU Pro, but we’re far from that stage yet… so yeah, right now it’s more like a hobby. I don’t get my hopes up.

As I said, it’s hard to make decent printouts from a screenshot in SU Free: but I was mainly talking about the free desktop version, you know! I only just discovered the web version yesterday, while I was searching for a forum to ask my questions. So I haven’t tried that one out yet. It looks like it would be easier with the web version to make decent screenshots, but I’ll have to try it to know.
But I’ll definitely try out everything you adviced me. Especially Publisher, since I’m rather good at that: I had to use that a lot at my office. InDesign a lot less.

If my comic is finished, I’ll show you some if you want, that’s the only thing I’ve got plenty of: drawings… If only I could pay with those!

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Again, why are you making screen shots? Why aren’t you exporting images? From SketchUp Make you can use File>Export and export an image. You can even set the size to make larger images if you need to do it.

It’s just as simple to make image exports from SketchUp Make as it is to make them from SketchUp Web.

I exported images too, but that was not a success either. It came out too small on my print preview, and I couldn’t make it larger unless I zoomed in, and then of course the image pixlelled and got unusable.

Clearly you’re doing something incorrectly. SketchUp exports an image of the model window. If your model shows up too small, zoom in on it. There’s no excuse for it being too small.

I guess I’m doing something wrong, then. If you say it’s possible,… I could try to export it in bmp, maybe that will go better than jpg…
or maybe there’s something to be done to my print settings…
Thanks for the feedback

I’d use PNG exports. Click on Options and set the image size as desired. If you want a large image, adjust the pixel width. Maybe to 3000.

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There, a pretty girl for you as a reward :smiley:
Thanks a lot, Dave


When exporting images, remember to look behind the Options button in the export dialog box. There you can set the export size in pixels.

If you are working with a vector illustration package like Illustrator or Inkscape, you can get a 2D vector export of your model by printing to a PDF printer with the “Use high-accuracy HLR” option enabled (Vector Printing on the MAC). No shadows, textures or transparency, though, but the resulting PDF can be opened in an illustration application.

You have internet, you do not need a publisher. Everyone can become publisher. You need to find a public!

That’s true, my friend. But an anonymous public on the Internet doesn’t pay my bills, does it…and if there ever is an album with my name onit sitting in the bookshops, I would be paid. If you know how to make an internet public pay, I’d like to hear about it.