SketchUp Pro after Student license expires


I’m considering buying the Student license for SketchUp Pro. I understand it’ll quit working after 12 months. I will no longer be a student at that time, so will not be eligible to renew as a student. What is the price to upgrade to SketchUp Pro in that case? If it’s full price, I’m not sure I can take a $590 hit just as I start paying my student loans, so I should content myself with the free version now. :smile:

Thanks for any guidance!


Just to add, the free version will do all most all of what you need especially starting out. Without the solid tools there are work around with Intersect w/model-selection. There are free plug-ins to replace the work the sand box features offered // saved time with. I put 15-20 dollars aside till I saved enough to afford it and used that time to better understand the native tools. I got lucky or prayers were heard, because they offered a $100.00 discount this passed December. To upgrade to 2015 Pro. My 2013 student version exp. Nov. 30, 2014 and turned to Make but had started saving cash in January 2014. Without that I would still be saving for it. Take the time to see if you can accomplish what you need to do with the free version. You will improve your skills and become diverse with free plug-ins…



there is no upgrade, you would need to buy the full version.

… is fine for non-commercial usage only, the main difference to the Make version are the vector based data interfaces as e.g. DXF/DWG, 3DS, OBJ etc. The external Layout, the custom line styles or parametric components might come in handy too.


Thanks for the feedback. I want to use this for woodworking; i just do home projects, and gifts for family. What I really want from the Pro version is Layout.

I think I might buy the student version, and hope for a sale before it dies.