Free vs. Go

Is there any difference in the features between Free and Go on the web? I’ve been using SU Make for years and love it, but it is getting too problematic lately. I think I need to subscribe so I can use the extension warehouse and other plug ins. (like cut list optimizer).


Both Go and Free are web browser-based. Go includes features like Solid Tools and options to edit styles and materials and such. It also includes more import and export options such as DXF and DWG. Neither Free nor Go have the ability to utilize extensions, at least currently. For that you would need the desktp version.

See this page for a comparison of Free and Go:


You can use the website versions of the extension and 3D warehouse, in the case of the 3D warehouse you must download models as collada file and import them from sketchup, with extensions you just install them using the extension manager. The web based sketchup versions don’t allow the installation of plug-ins.