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I will start with stating, that I have bought Sketchup Go for web. I do not use SketchUp Free!, though it seems that they are the same. There are the same functionality and when I compare to other sketchup users (on Youtube), there are tons of small icons along the edges of the laptop screen. I would like that too. I can search tools, i.e X-ray, but how do i turn it to a stationary icon on my screen?

What is the difference between Sketchup Free ang Sketchup Go for web? What do I get for my money? I payed a lot of money for a years subscription.
Can anyone help with these questions?


Jimmy Jensen
Denmark, Europe

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Thank you very much for your support.

Jimmy Jensen

man. 5. dec. 2022 16.08 skrev Dezmo via SketchUp Forum <>:

Those are probably a combination of standard tools and extensions.
Extensions are add-ons to the desktop versions of SketchUp. (Some paid, some free)
The web versions do not support extensions!

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You can’t on the web versions…

For that to happen you would have to upgrade to SketchUp Pro

Thank you very much for your help Tween :smiley:

Jimmy Jensen

tor. 8. dec. 2022 12.41 skrev Herman via SketchUp Forum <>:

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