SketchUp Campus Class

This class on SketchUp Campus, SketchUp For The Web, looks promising, but most of the content is labeled, “Coming Soon”. My question is, does anyone know how soon?

I believe that those are included in the SketchUp Fundamentals course. The content is available once you enroll.

I was enrolled. The first couple of units have content, but nothing after that other than “Coming Soon”.

Maybe my view is misleading because I’m automatically logged into a non “For the Web” version. Sorry about that.

Your profile says you you have a subscription and you use sketchup 2021, there’s a sketchup desktop fundamentals course, if you’ve followed already that one, you don’t need to follow the sketchup web course, the desktop version has the same tools and more than the web version, there’s another course called sketchup fundamentals: Modeling Practice, that one would be the next one you should follow after the sketchup desktop fundamentals.

Thanks, but all I really want to know is if one of the helpful sages here might know when this class on the web version might be completed?

We are actively working on those classes right now! Hoping to have them posted as soon as possible.