New web based version is NOT friendly

Can anyone offer some tips on how to use this horrible version that has been forced upon us. I used the free version for YEARS and now I’m forced to us a web based version that sucks. I can’t even draw a rectangle to the exact dimensions that I want. What am I missing?!?!?!? This used to be a great program but I guess greed took over like every other thing in life. Very disappointed.

Just curious - why not use last version of SU Make? (2017)

This is not true - I’ve just tried and it worke exactly the same as in desktop SU - click start point, click end point, type dimensions.

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I tried until I was blue in the face and it wouldn’t work for me. I will try again and thanks for the reply.

I don’t have the 2017 version. I was having issues so I had to delete it.

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Still can’t figure it out. Can anyone give me a download link for SU Make 2017. I’ll just go with that. I would appreciate it.

Bottom of this page …

Be sure to right-click the installer (after download) and choose “Run as administrator”.
And keep a copy of the installer exe so you can repair the installation in the future if need be.

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Thank you very much Dan. Greatly appreciated.

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So I installed it and it told me it is a 30 trial. WTH? Is this correct?

All new installations of Make include a 30 day trial of Pro for the same SketchUp “Year”. It means you have access to the Pro features (inside SketchUp - does NOT include Layout or Style Builder) for 30 days. After that, you’ll lose the Pro only features.

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Okay, thanks. I’m just an at home user for small projects. I have no need for the Pro features. Very glad to know.

I agree! I made so many models before but now I can’t even start!