Version Advice Needed

I want to start using SketchUp, and I need some advice regarding which version I need. My planned uses are as follows:

  1. As-builts of my house to plan a remodeling project.
  2. As-builts of my shop to plan shop equipment layout.
  3. Drawing up things I am going to build, e.g., cabinetry, etc.

This is for personal use only; I will not be selling anything or making money from any of this.

Which version of SketchUp do I need for this? I want to get what I need without spending more than I need to.


If you are going to make money out of what you create you need any of the professional licenses. If it’s just a hobby you can use the free licenses. In any case I’d recommend the full fledged desktop program over any of the web based toy versions. The desktop versions have a conventional and easy to use UI while the web version is innovative for the sake of innovation, as well as a plugin API and local storage so you always know where your work is saved.

This is for personal use only; not professional use. There are a lot of different versions…can you point me to a specific version that would serve my needs? Thanks.

Since you just want to use a free version, install SketchUp 2017 Make from

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Thanks, DaveR.

  1. Will the 2017 Make version allow me to specify dimensions for objects? I just tried the free web version of 2019, and it would not allow me to type in the Measurements box.

  2. I’m willing to spend money if I need to; I just don’t want to spend money that I don’t need to spend. :wink: All things considered, is the 2017 Make version my best option, or is there a newer version that would be better, but would cost me a few bucks?

[quote=“bianca, post:5, topic:88598”]
Will the 2017 Make version allow me to specify dimensions for objects?[/quote]

Yes. It will.

The Measurements box allows you to enter exact dimensions in the web-based version too. I’m guess you were clicking in the box before trying to enter the dimensions. You don’t click in the Measurements box at all.

With the Pro version you would have some additional import and export options and LayOut for doing things like creating construction documents and plans so maybe the pro version would be the way to go for you.

Can you point me to a basic tutorial that tells me how to change the dimensions of an existing object? Clearly, I am missing something.

Have you gone through the Getting Started videos? Or maybe you should look at the SketchUp Fundamentals class.

The method for changing dimensions after you’ve created an object depends on the object and what change you need to make.

I’ll do the Fundamentals class. Can you point me to the Getting Started videos?