New to Sketchup, and a little confused regarding the different versions

So, good morning everyone. Just started using sketchup 30 day trial of Pro, and am liking it. I use it mostly for designing wood working projects, and have background in mechanical drafting and AutoCad. Though the newest version of Autocad is almost cryptic to me. Haven’t used it since the mid 2000. Anyway to my point. A few months back I used Basic which is web-based and I was very dissatisfied with the performance, and in all honesty I do not want to used a Web based version of anything, as I can not guarantee I will always have good connectivity.
My challenge is I really like Pro, but not the price, nor do I need any of the additional functions, or software.
Should I look for a different tool? Any suggestions? I want something that is installed on my own machine, or should I just stick to mechanical hand drafting?
Thanks for any feedback, I appreciate it.


If you are using SetchUp for your own personal hobby projects, you can still get SketchUp 2017 Make which is free for non-commercial use. It is the last free desktop version available. You can get it at Download All | SketchUp. If your use is commercial, though, you would need to use SketchUp Pro and the current version is 2020.

Thank you Dave, appreciate the quick reply.

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