Sketchup Make 2017 or newer

When I first found sketchup, a couple years ago, it was recommended somewhere, I don’t remember where, to use 2017 instead of one of the newer versions. I have no idea why.

Is that still the best option for a hobbyist wood worker?

SketchUp 2017 Make is the newest desktop version that is available free for hobbyist users. The other free option is SketchUp Free which is web based. Both are very useful but the desktop version has the added benefit of allowing the use of extensions which you may or may not need. It depends on the type of models you make. SketchUp Shop, also web based is not free but you get some additional tools that aren’t available in SketchUp Free.

If you opt for SketchUp Pro you would have more import/export options such as CAD files that could be useful for CNC work as wll as LayOut for creating documents such as shop drawings, full size patterns and so on. SketchUp Pro isn’t free but if you have the need, the added features could be worth the price. And if you want to create things like plans to sell or use SketchUp to design projects to sell, you would need SketchUp Pro or at least Shop anyway.

Thanks Dave as always for your speedy and helpful reply.

I’m planning to checkout the paid version and Layout today.