Resolution issue between web version and Make 2017

I am new to SU. I started with the free web version and after lots of encouragement downloaded 2017 Make. I recently purchased a new 1080p 24" monitor. The same project looks fine on the new monitor with the Web version but the lines are very jagged on the Make version. I’ve tried using Maximum Texture Size and turned on and off anti-aliasing. Doesn’t seem to change. I’m using a MacBook Pro 13" with Intel Iris Plus Graphics 640 1536 MB. The new 1080p monitor doesn’t seem to have anywhere to change any settings on it.
Hoping that I’ll be able to get Make to look more like Web. Even if I have to purchase Pro. Any ideas?

Graphics have been worked on and improved each release. The graphic in Web are 4 years more modern than what is being used by Make 2017.

Thanks for the reply Aaron. Is there a way to try Pro before purchasing (trial period) to see if the images are different enough to make it worth the purchase?

There’s a 30-day trial period when you install SketchUp.