I'm afraid. Just installed Make 2017. Now can I still work with SU 8?


Up till now, I’ve always worked with a simple version of Sketchup, SU 8. I have several things made with that, but now I’ve installed SU Make 2017. Can I open my jobs from the former SU in the new one, and work on them, or do I have to use the 2 side by side?
And if I choose the Web version, how do I work on my jobs from the SU 8 on that?
I haven’t deleted the old 8, I dare not. I need my work. So until I’m duely informed, I’m afraid to delete anything.
If there’s a good tutorial somewhere, just point me there. If there isn’t, please help me?


There is no need to delete an older version of SketchUp - each version installs independently and can coexist on the same computer. Also, newer versions can open files created by older versions, and can “Save As” the older format if you choose it in the save as dialog.


Really? Will they not refuse to open in the new thing?
Anyway, if they can be used each seperately, I am already content .
What about the Web version? Can I upload my things from my computer there, and work on them? And then save them inside my own drive again? I haven’t tried that yet, before knowing what’s what.
I tried to open a thing in the Warehouse, and they said “you are using a too old version of SU to use the Warehouse” or something. That’s why I installed the Make.
I don’t even know if the Warehouse models aren’t for Pro’s only…


Also, be aware that SU Make 2017 installs on your hard drive. No need to fear. Only the web-based versions of SketchUp (SU Free, SU Shop & SU for Schools) reside outside of your system.


Newer versions are backward compatible with older versions of SU.


Ah. So if I have stuff sitting on my harddrive, I can’t work on them in the Web version?
But I can on the 2017?


Anyone with a valid account may use 3dwh.


That’s good to know. So that’s one worry less. thanks. Phew :persevere:


You should be able to open existing files in the newer web based, versions just as you can open files created using Make with SU Free.


an account on this forum? That’s all I need? :grinning:


Ah. I’ll try it all. Great! :smile:


Now that I think about it, I believe an account is necessary only in order to upload models that you wish to store on 3dwh. I don’t recall that an account is needed to d/l materials…but you should confirm this, b/c idk.


Ah, to UPload, not DOWNload. Okay. If you’re misinformed, and it’s not working, I’ll find out soon enough, won’t I? For now, I’ll keep my fingers crossed that you’re not misinformed.
Thanks a million, mister Mod


Look at these tutorial links:
Getting Started w/ SketchUp-Part 1
Getting Started w/ SketchUp-Part 2
Getting Started w/ SketchUp-Part 3
Getting Started w/ SketchUp-Part 4


thankyouthankyouthankyou :slight_smile:


You are welcome.

Here are a couple of additional video tuts on LayOut. I have included these to offer you an idea of the promising potential of the extraordinary software combination of SketchUp Pro with LayOut:

Getting Started with LayOut
LayOut Tips


I’m not going to look at that! :frowning_face:
I can’t afford a Pro, and looking at all the great things it can do is only getting me frustrated. :confounded:


Be aware that the only recent-ish versions of SketchUp which are licensed for use in commercial activity are SketchUp Pro (runs on desktop) and SketchUp Shop (runs in a web browser). I don’t recall if SketchUp 8 was licensed only for non-commercial work, or if it was unlimited.


8 non pro (wasn’t called make until later) was the last free one to be licensed for commercial use. It already had a few things removed from it that were available in 7 dxf/dwg import export for example.


Yes, it was free, and nobody ever asked whether it was licensed to do anything with it. It was just free, period.
As soon as it changed owners, the freedom came with limitations… nothing new there. Poor folks can’t have luxuries. :angry:
I know that the newer versions aren’t allowed for commercial purposes. But Pro is too expensive for my budget. Can’t be helped.