I'm afraid. Just installed Make 2017. Now can I still work with SU 8?


Actually they did ask and it was written into the license agreement that Google Sketchup 8 non pro was licensed for commercial use.

The fact that Google gave it away free so that people would populate google earth for them, (in other words work for google for free) in no way suggests that Trimble should do the same. Trimble supplies a free version for hobbyists, not for business. If you earn money from it you should pay for it. I never understand how people fork out the money for hardware but balk at paying for software.


For me, it’s simple: what I can’t afford, I don’t have. I don’t choose what I want to pay for or not, I just look at my budget and conclude what’s too expensive and what isn’t. Whether it’s soft-or hardware doesn’t matter.
When your budget is REALLY tight, it gets quite simple: you don’t choose. You just don’t buy.
The only choice you get to make, is whether to eat or not…


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