Switching to Web based Sketchup

I’ve been using Sketchup version 2017 Make for a long time. I want to move to the web based version, but I don’t want to go through the learning curve again. How hard is the web version to learn?

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The hardest part is that the tools are in different locations but that shouldn’t take you too long to get used to. The web version doesn’t have the ability to use extensions so if you’ve been using them you’ll lose them with the switch.

Can I still open and work on files I have on my computer?

Yes. You can do that.

Howdy! The web version takes a little getting used to but is not a pain like some computer programs. I found it easy to put my drawings on SketchUp for web and download them back to my computer. I think we are able to use diffusion also. At least it works on the version I use. All the best, Steve

Okay. I’m going to be getting a new computer and I do use extensions from time to time. Is there still a download link for “2017 Make” out there somewhere? My thinking is I can work in the web based version and still bring the project into Make to apply extensions then save it and re open it in the web version.

you’ll need make 2017 + an extra tool to convert the modern files to the old 17 format

That’s the tool to convert your files

as for the installer, there are no more official sources. There are installers on the internet archive, I would consider them safer than many weird websites out there. or maybe someone around here still has the installer.