Start in Sketchup Free (Web) Can't move model to Make17

Today is Nov. 30, 2021. Do I have this right? There is no way to move a model you started in Web to Make 17!
I’ve read several postings, tried directions from Sketchup Community. But cant get the model to open in Make17.

The reason for the move, is the Web version is so problematic I need to try this in my old version. it’ll be back to paper soon. Will have taken 12 years of SketchUp to get back to the start_ Pencil,scales and Paper.

Download the model as 2017 and open it.

As download in 2017 format isn’t there now, download as Collada. Those will open even in SketchUp 8. When you do the import, make sure to go into options, and check the merge coplanar faces box.

Works for me.


Thanks . Yes it does work for me. My searching had pointed me to uploading to Warehouse and then downloading from Warehouse with Make17

Thanks for the help

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