Sketchup free online issues with saving as

I just finished reinstalling windows 10, and after reinstalling 2017 make, I went looking for a model off the warehouse, after finding a model, I downloaded the 2020 version, then opened the free online version of sketchup to download the converted copy as a 2017 one that would work in my app. But it seems that the ability to download as a 2017 version is gone. Is that a recent thing, because after the 2017 models were no longer supported on the warehouse, as least the free online sketchup would convert to a usable form.

Not so much recently, but some time last year or so, they applied the “two years of major version support” policy more strictly…

You have to download a Collada file from 3D WH, or export Collada from free web app, to be able to import it to SU2017 Make.

On windows 64 bit version perhaps this will also work for you:

Eneroth to the rescue again. Cheers, eh.