Sketchup Make Support

How long are you going to support Sketchup Make? The last version was the 2017 one. Also, how am I supposed to download 3D models to SKP2017 after that version is no longer supported and the 3D warehouse only lets you download models using 2018 and up?

BTW, I don’t prefer the online version. I hate it!

Technically SketchUp 2017 Make is not supported. That is, there are no updates being made. It’ll be available for download until it isn’t. Best plan is to make sure you keep a copy of the installer.

As for the 3D Warehouse, once it no longer offers direct downloads for SU2017, you could still download the Collada files and import the DAE file into SketchUp.

Eneroth open newer version Might help out with opening newer SketchUp files in your 2017 Make.

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I can still download SKP models that are compatible with SKP2017. The question is how long before 3D Warehouse stops downloads for 2017?

I tried importing a Collada file to SKP2017 and FAILED!

I would guess that might be with the release of SketchUp Pro 2020 whenever it arrives, but that’s just based that only the last two versions are supported on the warehouse at the moment. With the release of 2020 the last two versions would be 2019/2018.

The main 3D Warehouse window, or going there in a browser, doesn’t support 2016 (other than you can download Collada. You could let us try the one that failed for you). But, in the Components panel in SketchUp you are shown models that are compatible with your version. You could search in their for what you want, and 2016 will be shown most of the ones that 2019 is shown.

As I understand it, models made for any version are kept in their original format, and also converted to the three most recent versions. A model uploaded as 2019 would be available to someone using 2017, but not 2016. A model uploaded as 2017 would be available in a year from now, and also converted to 2020, 2019, and 2018.

What failed? I’ve never had any problem importing . dae files.