Download models now start with 2019

I have just noticed that when I download a model from the warehouse my only options are 2019/20/21 - has this just changed?

I only have 2017 and I used to be able to download the 2017 model…

thank you

You can still download Collada files and through the component browser.

Keep in mind that the SU file format was reworked recently in order to guarantee future versions will be able to be read by historic versions (as of that release, I think it was SU2021?). So this problem may not exist in the near future if you have the current latest version. Unless, of course, access is regulated by other means.

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…which would be of greater benefit for Make users if they released a hypothetical Make 2021 or backported it to the last Make 2017.

Although now it’s not impossible to import models into Make (.dae or converted using extensions), just less convenient.

There is a good chance that the download from the components panel will no longer find the older version models. So, the only option for SketchUp 2018 and earlier would be to use a web browser and download the Collada file.

As a matter of interest, is there any loss of fidelity when downloading as Collada vs. SKP?

I tried a test with a demanding model. The drawbacks of Collada include these things:

  1. Very long time to import. The import crashed 2017, I’m waiting to see if 2018 succeeds. 2021 succeeded. The 2017 crash may relate to me being on Big Sur.
  2. The hierarchy is kept, but components have less useful names.
  3. Edges that were hidden in the SketchUp model version are visible after importing the Collada version.

So, arguably no loss of fidelity, but the import may need more cleaning up.

Ahhh, thanks for testing. So image based textures come through fine then? Not like IFC where those are lost?

The DAE downloaded as a zip file, which expanded to give a folder with ‘model.dae’ and ‘model’ folder in it. The ‘model’ folder only had two materials. Those materials, and all of the colored areas, all seem to have imported ok.