Backsaving in Sketchup Free?

Hi there,
I’m running SU Pro 2015 on my desktop, but would like to be able to use a few of the models from the Sketchup Warehouse. Nearly all of these are saved in 2020 format, or are not offered in 2015 format. Just wondering if there is a way to backsave these files? I was hoping I might be able to import models into Sketchup Free and backsave them to 2015, but I can’t figure out how to do it!

Many thanks!

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Another option is to download the Collada file, unzip it and Import the .dae.


Another option is to use a web browser to find a model you want, then in the download options you can choose Collada. That will import into almost all versions of SketchUp.

Thanks guys! I’ve done a few with Collada before, but not all models are available in Collada, and some Collada models seem to not import properly into SU… But thank you - it has worked for some at least!
The plugin I haven’t been able to install as it was causing issues with my computer system when I tried to install it… Freaked me out a bit, so now I’m not game to try installing again!

I haven’t done much with 3D Warehouse myself, but is it possible to upload to 3D Warehouse, keep the model private and then download an earlier version? Does 3D Warehouse do that for you? It probably doesn’t go back before 2017, does it? Get it into Make 2017 and then you could go back to 2015?

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Thanks man, just tried that out, but it doesn’t do the same for me… Only gives me the option to download as a 2021 model again. Also, I don’t think Make 2017 is still available for download, is it…? I did try find it the other day when I saw 2017 could still be used, but I can’t find any posts confirming it is still able to be downloaded after late 2018…?

Screenshot from a few minutes ago.
Screenshot - 12_7_2020 , 6_00_12 PM

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Legend, thank you! I tried googling for ages the other day, but couldn’t find Make 2017 anywhere!

Also, looks like maybe I just didn’t wait long enough after uploading my Sketchup model to Warehouse for downloading it as an older SU model! Did the exact same thing as last time just now and it now gives me the option to download as a 2017 model… Thanks a million guys!!

I was showing the back saving in SketchUp for Web.