Saving SU Model from 22 to older version

I have a SU Pro 2018 classic license and I recently trialed 2022 and made a few updates to a model I was working on. The trial has now expired and I just need to finish a few things on the model but I cant open it in my 2018 version and I also don’t have access to the 2022 trial anymore.

I am planning on updating to the subscription plan this year, but not at the moment. For now I just need a quick fix on this particular Model and layout file to finalize a quote for a current project.

What are my best options? TIA

Upload the file to the 3D Warehouse and then download the Collada file to import into SketchUp 2018 (the 3D Warehouse no longer supports SketchUp 2018 so it won’t create a 2018 file like it used to.

You could try Eneroth Open Newer Version from the Extension Warehouse.

I currently cant open the model to try and upload it.
I tried to use the Eneroth Extension last night, but I kept getting an error that says “This does not appear to be a SketchUp Model!”
I hit okay and then it just closes the program.

You can upload your model to the 3D Warehouse through your browser.

Okay I did that, but there is no drop down menu when I hover over the download button.

There should be an arrow to the right end of the button. Might take a few minutes for the Warehouse to do the conversion, though.
3D Warehouse

Thanks Dave, That got my model back. I notices that all my scenes are missing. I assume they’re lost?

I also had a layout file in 2022, is there a way to recover that?

It’s just the model that gets uploaded.

Not without LayOut 2022 to save back. Maybe you can share the LayOut file for someone to save back to SU2018 for you.

I guess the take away is when you are working in a trial of a new version of a software app is to save as the old version before the trial expires.

I definitely agree with tis last part. I am working on a house remodel and I wanted to show the client the kitchen layout and wanted to place a couple of Warehouse models like the sink, fridge, stove, etc and like you mentioned, I cant do that with 2018. So i figured the 22 trail would bridge me to the end of the proposal acceptance, but as usual that didn’t happen ha.

Thanks for your help and I will be updating soon.


FWIW you could download the Collada version of the components from the 3D Warehouse and import the included .dae file into SU2018.

Maybe it’s just time to go ahead and update. You can continue using SU2018 until you are fully “moved in to” SU2022.