Saving Sketchup models to warehouse

I’ve been using Sketchup for 8 years now … and each year renew my Pro license. But, I’ve got SU16 running/laid out the way I want it with all the extensions that I want … so I’ve been reluctant to switch over to SU18 (even though I’ve paid my annual fee).

No problems.

Until I decided to store my WIP models on the cloud by sticking them in a private folder in the Warehouse. I stored a SU16 model at work today. Tonight I went to retrieve it to my laptop … to be told that I can’t open it because it “was saved in SU18” … Baloney! I don’t even have SU18 on my machine … how could it have “magically” saved to SU18 such that it is unreadable to SU16!

I call FOUL.

How did you retrieve it, via browser? If so you have a choice of version downloads and you may have inadvertently downloaded a 2018 version.
If you download it from within SU it will automatically download the appropriate version.

Yep … I’m sure you’re right. I didn’t think to select version, because I knew that I had just saved it a few hours ago as a 2016 file.

OK, rant over. I’ll download it as a 2016.

As and aside … I did upgrade to 2018. My plan is to use it to open newer files, save them as 2016, close out and then open them in 2016. I really haven’t seen a compelling reason to change to 2018 … and 2019 will be here before we know it.

Thanks for the quick response.


I’m still using SU 2016 at work but would like to use SU 2018 there as well as home (the guy responsible for licenses haven’t been in the office for a while).

Filled section cuts is something I really miss in SU 2016. I also miss the Extension Manager.

However I would also like to see a smoother transition between versions, e.g. automated extension migration, and I agree that the yearly releases seem a bit forced. Why not release a new version when there are enough new features to make people really want it? There’s probably a reason I don’t know of.

AGREE x’s 100! It really is a pain to go re-establish all the extensions and set up the tool bars. If SU really feels the need to force a whole new program on us every year, they really should make the transition painless. All the extensions could reside in a common folder that the new program finds and accesses. Alternatively, why not just roll out program updates on a recurring basis without pushing a whole new program.

You can already do this yourself but it is not recommended as all extensions may not be compatible.

I think it would be better to have the new version ask whether you want to migrate extensions when it is first launched. Then it downloads the most recent versions of your extensions for you.

Regarding automatic updates/patches I’m not a fan of that. It can be very annoying when a certain function suddenly changes and you don’t know what has happened or why. Separate installs gives users more control and lets users get comfortable with the new version before moving over to use it for all work.

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