Is it possible to dowload a free 2022 version ? Or don't exist anymore?

Hello everyone,
I have an old version of sketchup (2017), which is free. Someone had send me a document that I have to work on, and I can’t open it because he have done it with a 2022 version. But I’m trying, looking everywhere, it looks impossible to find a free 2022 version, for mac. Is it ? Or do someone have the magic code ?
Thanks in advance for your aswer…


the last desktop free version was 2017 make.
in 2018, the free version migrated online.

so no, no 2022 free version, either 2017 on desktop or online

now, for your document, you could open it in the online version and download it as a collada.
OR you ask the person who gave it to you to send it in 2017 format (save as, and they pick SU 2017)
OR an extension for SU 2017 that allows you to open recent files. you’re on a mac, so you’ll have to get that one. it converts SU files into older SU files.

If this is some kind of commercial work you shouldn’t be using SketchUp make anyways…
If it’s some kind of hobby, you can use SketchUp Free online as @ateliernab pointed out…

Thank to you both for your answers ! It’s nothing commercial and I use it one time by year… so I will follow your advises, trying to convert the document !

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You can use an extension called Eneroth open newer version to open the 2022 file in Make 2017…
You can find it here: Extension | SketchUp Extension Warehouse

It’s hard to tell from your forum profile which operating system you are using. The extension @tweenulzeven linked to works on Windows.

Please correct your forum profile with the right answers to the questions about SketchUp version, operating system, and graphics card.