Changing Pro trial to free verison

I’ve ran into an issue I can’t resolve. Apparently, I downloaded the “free” Pro web version thinking it was the Personal “free” version. When the trial Pro version was over, all the work I completed, was unusable. I tried calling Sketchup but its not possible to speak to a person unless you’re a Pro owner. I would like to keep my work and convert from Pro to the Personal free version. Is that possible? If possible how. Thanks so much for your time. Best, Phil, Aberdeen, MD

The web versions, Free and Shop, don’t require download or installation, as they are run through your Internet browser. All desktop Pro versions require a paid subscription. SketchUp Make 2017 is the verrsion you can download and install that is free for personal use. It cannot open version 2021 files directly.

You can open your files in the free Web version.

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You saved your files, so those you can open using Make 2017 (the last “free” desktop version), or use the official free web-based version. No conversion necessary.

That would be impossible because they were made in a newer version.
SketchUp Free is the way to go…

Not for 2021 files i’m afraid…

Not impossible. Sorry. Just down save to 2017 using free.

@monospaced Not implying that it can’t be done, I read your post as if you can open a 2021 file with Make 2017…

A longer work around would be to use the web version as a way to go from 2021 to 2020, then the open newer version would convert the file to be 2017.

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