Can i use Sketchup free for home use

i had sketchup on my pc and i use for free now i am trying to find a version to download on my mac but cannot find a free version

You can use SketchUp Free which is web-based and runs in your browser. They no longer offer a free desktop version, though. The last one was SketchUp 2017 Make but it isn’t offically available.

how do i find it

The web-based version? Start here:

thank you

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im happy with an older version, is that possible?

There’s no official legitimate source for the old versions. They are not supported for security concerns and web resources like the 3D and Extension Warehouses don’t support those old versions. Those old versions do not support the new Mac operating system versions and some poeple who still have those old versions find they won’t work properly with recent OS versions. You might be able to find one of the old versions if you search the web but you’re on your own if there’s issues.