Downloading Sketch up

I tried to download Sketch Free up but to no avail. It did not give me a reason but I suspect it is my graphics card. I have an old computer desktop.(home made by my son) My graphics card is Directx 11. I am running Windows 7. I do not even know what a graphics card is really and I do not have extra ports on my computer. What shall do?? I am not a professional. I just want to learn to sketch furniture and a remodel of my kitchen.

You can’t download Sketch up Free. It only runs from the server, in a browser on your computer.

If you meant SketchUp Make 2017, for which there is no charge i.e., it is free of charge, but not the same as SketchUp Free, a different product), it’s quite likely an old computer doesn’t have a good enough graphics card or driver. Try SketchUp Make 2016 from

It will run on lower spec hardware and older drivers. You can also tell it to use the CPU instead of the GPU to display the screen.

That’s not your graphics card, it’s a piece of software by Microsoft to help programmers to to put graphics on screen (but it’s not your graphics driver either). And it isn’t what SU uses anyway, which is called OpenGL.

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