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I need to know If I can download sketch up free to my laptop… If I can’t then this is a waste of my time… Can I download Sketch up without certain features? I would like to download this so I don’t strain my PC anymore… web browsing is not its specialty… and Sketch up uses a lot of my Ram/CPU or whatever web browsing uses as temporary memory… Can I download the free version or not… that’s what I need to know


You can’t download “Sketchup Free” - it is a web version of Sketchup.

But you CAN download a free version of Sketchup: “SketchUp Make 2017” from https://www.sketchup.com/download/all


I thought Sketchup Make was Discontinued?


You can’t download SketchUp Free as such because it runs in a web browser but SketchUp Mske can be downloaded to your computer from here:


If your computer isn’t up to web browsing, what use is it?


Not discontinued, just no longer under further development. In fact, the same page shows SketchUp 2016 - the last SketchUp that doesn’t require a 64 bit processor.


They’ve stopped developing it but the 2017 version is still available to download. There was no 2018 version of Make when SketchUp Pro 2018 came out.


My computer can’t do multiple page browsing, I can have Maximum four pages open and when I can work on sketchup, 7 of them are already open with important pages


Thanks for the info!


So your computer isn’t able to show more than 4 browser windows and you want to run a 3D graphical program on it?


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