Make Sketchup Make downloadable again



Why isn’t there a download for Sketchup Free 2018?

At the moment sticking with 2017 because at least that version is usable offline - which is most of the time I need to use it…



SketchUp Make 2017 will remain available for you while we’re finishing up the basic feature set for SketchUp Free- I’m glad you were able to find the installer and that it is satisfying your immediate needs.

SketchUp Free only really requires a network connection to load the application and to interact with cloud services like Trimble Connect and 3D Warehouse. What sort of work are you doing that has you offline most of the time?



I edited the topic to remove the SketchUp Free tag, as this question is about the no-cost (“free”) version of SketchUp called “SketchUp Make”, it is not about the web-based version called “SketchUp Free”.


I’m sorry for the naming mistake.

I’m a student and use Sketchup for fun but there are times when I’ve got no (good) internet - for example in the bus or train - or when I’m on holliday.

I like to use Sketchup as sort of a melting pot for idea’s I’ve got and most of the time I only have time to really do this is on holiday or when I’m using the bus or train and that’s why I really don’t like the requirement to have an internet connection to even startup SketchUp - In my opinion moving to a web-based app was a really bad idea…


If you are a student, you are eligible to buy SketchUp Pro at our educational discount. This would get you access to using the SketchUp desktop client offline.



I totally agree. Don’t get me wrong… I like SketchUp Free, but I like SketchUp Make way more. I’d be super disappointed if they ever removed Make’s download page.


Steve, the topic is still titled ‘Make Sketchup Free downloadable again’. Maybe you took off the tag, but can you change the title? Or if not you, can a moderator?


It’s changed for me


It has now, for me too, but was showing Free when I posted to Steve. Maybe he fixed it between my post and yours?


I assume the new web-based version is an attempt to limit the feature set even more as some form of “upgrade” to spur users into paying. Or do you have user research supporting the idea that your Make users prefer the browser over a downloadable application?

A move to encourage Make users pay for Pro would be kind of pointless since I find it hard to believe that users of Make cannibalize on Pro users. The pricing makes sure of that. Thing is, I use Sketchup for hobby and home improvement projects. There’s no way I’d pay $700 a year for a professional license. The feature set in Make has been perfect for me but I’d be annoyed if it was less than it is now. I also want to be able to save data on my local disk, not relying on your data retention policies to keep my hard work safe.

It would seem that Trimble is among those companies that do whatever they want without listening to their users’, customers’ and potential customers’ to learn about their needs…


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