I Need a version of Sketchup free that I can use when not on the internet

I had a version of Sketchup on this computer. It came with something called “layout” which I never used. I tried it and was told it had expired. I tried to remove it but it ended up that I removed sketchup.

I tried to reinstall it and all I can seem to find is Sketchup Pro. I am a retired old coot and just use it for home projects (fireplace front, wine rack, etc).

I often use it where I don’t have an internet connection so I can’t use the online version.
Is this version of Pro that I just installed going to turn into a pumpkin when I am in the middle of a project?

What can I do?


You could just install SketchUp 2017 Make from sketchup.com/download/all

The download DaveR gave you will get you going again, but just for your interest:

It did used to be that you would install SketchUp Pro, with LayOut and Style Builder, and you could use all the pro features for a while. After that time SketchUp itself would become the non-Pro version, and LayOut and Style Builder would stop working.

Today you would could still download and try Pro, but when it expires you would then have to download Make, which is the same as the non-Pro version used to be.

So, you could have continued to use the old SketchUp you had, and not worry about LayOut not working, but having a fresh Make version will at least give you the latest features.


To quote another discussion from Shapeways:

With Make 2017 unsupported you may need to find another solution sooner or later.

All the best,
Charles Sloane

Why? Most Make users are still using versions that haven’t been supported for years with no problems at all. Many are still using SketchUp 8 and I know of some using SketchUp 5 or 6. There is no reason to give others false worries.

2017 has this fatal flaw where it takes 5 or more seconds to select objects with left click. Right clicking to select seems to be fine though. Can’t go down to 2016 because my models are all 2017

It’s been clearly explained in multiple threads that this isn’t a “fatal flaw” in SketchUp 2017. It’s a problem caused by Microsoft and the way they push automatic updates for Intel graphics drivers. This problem created by Microsoft affects SketchUp 2016 and SketchUp 2015, too.

And blaming Microsoft and their automatic updates is the solution? I’m well aware that is a problem because I have seen those threads and there’s not a damned thing I could do about it. Updating and downgrading intel drivers has not worked for me. It’s fatal because you guys have done nothing to fix it.

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Do you blame the car manufacturer when the oil companies produce inferior fuel.

It’s not a problem for Trimble to fix.

I’m not part of Trimble and it’s not my job to fix Microsoft’s problems either.

Okay, well Trimble needs to pony up and fix this because Microsoft is not gonna do anything about it.

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Electric cars. Anyway, that’s not the point. Trimble has clearly demonstrated their ability to fix Pro 2018.

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How? Buy Microsoft? Get a clue.

Uh, you know, by doing what software developers do and fixing a problem instead of blaming the OS manufacturer and doing nothing

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I done here. You are wasting time.

And I feel like Trimble is wasting mine. Not trying to direct anger at you. Sorry if it seems like that. I’ve been a Sketchup user since the early Google days and I’m so damned frustrated that Trimble is abandoning the free desktop user base for the clunky and slow web version.

Time to pony up and show them that you are a committed user.

They aren’t abandoning the “free desktop user base” There are now two options available for them.

Well, I’m sorry that I don’t have 600 bucks laying around waiting to be spent.

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Can’t disagree with that.

I don’t spend a lot of time on this site, has Trimble promised or guaranteed to maintain the Make 2017 download for as long as there is a SketchUp? Or have they promised or guaranteed not to send an end-of-life bomb to old SketchUp installations when those installations check-in on the web?

All the best,
Charles Sloane

They have said that SketchUp 2017 Make will continue to be available for download. Nothing more. There is no threat of it going away and EOL doesn’t really mean anything. There isn’t a switch they can flip that’ll just make it stop working. As I said, the majority of Make users are using old versions that haven’t been supported for years and they aren’t having problems. There’s no reason to think that Make 2017 will suddenly quit working.

Honda quit making the 2014 Odyssey in 2014 but I still get in mine and drive it every day.