Does SketchUp work when offline?

Hi Everyone!
I previously used Sketchup Make but now that’s its not being supported I’m looking at what else Sketchup has to offer.

Something that’s important to me is being able to use the program when offline. It looks like the free version is only online now. Does the paid plans have offline ability?

Thanks in advance!

Yes. It does.

SketchUp Shop is the paid online version, and SketchUp Pro is the paid desktop (Windows or MacOS) version. The iPad version does work offline, but the one caveat to the offline versions is the need to re-login every month which requires internet access. Much discussion about that elsewhere.

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Actually called SketchUp Go for the past few months.

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You can still use SketchUp Make, it does work offline…

If I recall correctly, all paid (i.e., subscription) versions of SketchUp in the past few years - web-based and desktop-based - require a working internet connection every 28 days (sometimes more frequently, based on reports of some users) to validate the user’s license. The web-based versions do not need an internet connection for actual modeling activities (creating geometry). They only need internet connectivity for features such as to read from or save to the cloud, and for using the 3D Warehouse.

Sketchup make isn’t supported anymore but you can still use it, it’s actually better than the sketchup go in my opinion, you can install plug-ins on it unlike the web based versions, if you want yo download extensions or models you can do it from the websites and import it or install them from sketchup make. 3D models can be downloaded as sketchup file but the oldest one available is the 2021 version so you won’t be able to open it from any sketchup make, you can either download them as collada and import it from sketchup or use a extension from eneroth called open newer version that allows you to open versions not supported by your sketchup version. Another issue that you could find is that some extensions could not be compatible with sketchup make, but actually a lot of extensions still support 2017 sketchup versions which was the latest sketchup make released.

have you tried this after 28 days??

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