SketchUp Pro Offline?

Hey all. I know this must be a common ask but the answers I’m finding don’t seem to apply. I have a SketchUp Pro 2022 subscription that I cannot access offline (having router issues).

Of course, I am on a deadline for a home permit submission. Go figure. Any advice?

Thx much! Liam

What happens when you open SketchUp? The terms of the subscription are that SketchUp can be used offline for up to 28 days (one month) before needing to re-connect with the license server. But there are some tricks and inconstancies in getting that to work.

Does SketchUp open?

Connecting to any other network, including your phone as a hotspot, should get you through in order to sign in. For features that need you to be online you would need to fix the router issues, to use that network.

This article talks about the ports that SketchUp uses, and how you could perhaps whitelist addresses to solve the router problems: