"YOU ARE OFFLINE" program doesn't open

A fresh download and install, went to open program it shows “YOU ARE OFFLINE” but I’m not…Ideas or advice?!


Try to repair the installation:
Rightclick on the installer file, choose ‘Run as Administrator’ and start the procedure.
When prompted, choose ‘Repair’ and continue.
What browser is set to be default?
With version 2019.3, SketchUp will open a tab to log you in.

Ehh. Log me in? To use sketchup? I don’t want to be logged in anywhere when using my software. And often I am offline en route. Can anyone give some insights here please? Tx!.

If you have a classic license you only need to be signed in if you are using 3D Warehouse, Extension Warehouse, or you’re updating extensions with Extension Manager. The rest of the time you can be signed out.

Remembered that Geo Location may need a sign in as well.

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I downloaded / installed SU, not familiar with “licences”…It’s free correct?

It may be important to note, I only use the desktop program as I’m disabled and have no ability to use mobile devices.

SketchUp 2019 Pro which is what you have indicated in your profile has a free 30-day trial period but after the 30 days has elapsed you must have a license which is not free.

Hmmm…When I went to download it took me through a initial questionnaire where the first question was…Purpose of use? Where I selected ‘professional’ well because I do house plans and was told that SU could help in finding / producing symbols. It appears that I should’ve selected ‘personal’?

Your various threads here in the forum imply you’d be using it for work which would require the Pro version. If you had selected Personal, you would have been led to SketchUp Free which is the online version. It isn’t licensed for commercial use.

Well…being fully disabled in a power wheelchair for 21yrs, I do about 2 plans a year, but I still treat everything as professional as possible. I just wonder what benefits I would have and whether it’s a value on disability budget. So far in 24hrs SU hasn’t even opened…but I have hope…but yes, installer was “SketchUpPro-2019-en”, personal version does not I access to online library?

If you are doing those two plans and getting paid for them, that would be commercial use.

Did you install it correctly?

Where did you get that idea? Of course you can access the 3D Warehouse with SketchUp Free.

Thanks…Running ‘repair’ now and browser is Chrome

Did you right click on the installer and use Run as adminstrator from the Context menu?

SketchUp Pro doesn’t care what your default browser is.

Yes…That was a reply to “MikeWayzovski” which the ‘repair’ made no difference, it still doesn’t load. The install completed successfully.

I wish I could get SU or SU community to help resolve this issue…Is there any customer service number?

There is a support number, and having that number is one of the differences between Classic/Pro/Studio, and Shop/Free/Make.

The phone hours are 8am-5pm, MT, which means there will be someone answering calls in 6 hours from now. It will happen to be me. I’m in England at the moment, hence apparently being up at 3am answering forum posts!

I’m puzzled about which version of SketchUp you are using. If you have SketchUp Pro you could check the state of your license on this page:

and next to each currently supported license is the phone number to call.

If you are trying 2019.3 as a 30 day trial, one significant change is that to test if you’re online it checks against bing.com. Earlier versions test using google.com. If you have any reason to have blocked bing.com, that could explain the symptoms. You could test if that is the problem by installing SketchUp Pro 2018, or even SketchUp Make 2017.

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Why not trimble.com? Is that we site not reliable enough? :slight_smile:


I guess we don’t want 37 million users pinging trimble.com. Google and Microsoft can cope.

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SketchUp Pro TRIAL

That was it Colin, I run a filtering program that was blocking bing…Problem solved now! The question I have now is, will it always check Bing?

Yes, unless you change a file in the ProgramFiles.

From version 2019.3 onwards, yes. It’s been done mainly to allow SketchUp to be used in China.