Offline message for Sketchup Pro 2018

I have Sketchup Pro 2018, version 18.0.16965 64 bit. When I launch the program, the startup box says I’m offline, but there doesn’t seem to be any option for connecting to the internet. I am in dire need of a couple of plug-ins, but don’t know how to access them since I’m offline and the button for the extension warehouse only works when online. What am I missing? How do I connect my desktop software to the greater world?

See if the reply in this thread helps.

There are numerous other threads on this topic so give them a look, too.

By the way, your profile says you are using SketchUp 2019, not 2018. Please correct it as that information helps us help you.

I looked at the other threads. The one you offered comes closest to my problem, but the recommended fix was to: Use a text editor to open the file “C:\Program Files\SketchUp\SketchUp 2018\resources\i18n.dat. I went to C\Program Files\Sketchup2018\resources - and struggled because the only file folder in that portion of the directory is en-US. There is an i18n file in that folder, but it was a video file, not a .dat file. It took me a while to realize that the lable of “video” for the file type was misleading, because it actually was .dat file. I tried editing the Online_test_URL reference, but Notepad wouldn’t let me save the change from http:www// to because that requires an administrator. Well, I am the administrator on the machine I’m working on. More digging revealed that I had to right click on the notepad file to open it as an administrator. Dang, this learning curve is frustrating. I made the recommended change to the online test URL, but no joy. I even restarted my computer to see if that would help – again, no luck. I’m running BitDefender Internet Security and checked my firewall settings, but Sketchup does have permission to access the internet on any connection, so that isn’t the problem. What am I missing? Bear with me, I’m enthusiastic, but not very knowledgeable.

Since you went ahead and posted in the other thread and you have a response there, perhaps you should just stick to that thread and let this one die.

Please also correct your profile so it shows the right SketchUp version.

I’m stumbling along. My profile is fixed and I’ll try and find my way back to the other thread and follow it where it takes me.

It shows you are using SketchUp 2019, still.

Here’s the link to the other thread: