Bummer, it looks like your offline

Students at my school have to make exams in Sketchup pro. They are not permitted to have internet access on their accounts. So Sketchup cannot verify the licence. I am stuck with several computers with expiring trial licenses while we have paid for 50 seats.

When trying to add licenses manually on an admin account, the application keeps on telling me that i am offline while I am not.

Anyone can help me?

the SU online check uses the URI “Google” sothat if your firewall/proxy is blocking or redirecting SU still thinks that you’re offline.

To fix this open (with a text editor) the file “C:\Program Files\SketchUp\SketchUp 2016\Resources[language]\i18n.dat”, go to the section “[ONLINE CHECK]” and change the entry “ONLINE_TEST_URL=” to something accessible as e.g. your internet resp intranet homepage or “http://help.sketchup.com”.

Thanks for your reply. I’ve got another workaround (first login with a user who has internet access and log back on with exam user) which seems to work. Otherwise I will give that a try!

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