More Sign in issues


Why can’t I use the products that I pay for?

Why is there no help but community help?


This is unacceptable. I will start to log these events and they look to claim back for my time and the unusable time for products which I pay a 365 day a year licence.

So something in your computer is blocking Sketchup/LayOut from accessing the license servers. VPN? Company policy? Firewall?

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I’m not an expert, but I wonder if this could be a clue?

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SketchUp tries to visit as a reliable always online website - in order to test whether you are connected to the internet.

If you’ve got some kind of “security” or “privacy” setup where this is being blocked, then SketchUp will think you are offline and not give you the option to sign in.

Except I clearly posted on the online forum…so more a misdirection than a clue.

This “error message” is the issue here. When it reports you are offline that is incorrect. In fact what was happening was that I had LO23 open and it was having issues with two licensed products. Be good if it could tell me that but now that I know that “you are offline” is code for “We don’t know what the issue is” I will look deeper than just checking my connection.

Good info on SU using Bing as a measure of internet connectivity though. Thanks.