Using Pro without internet access?

Fairly new to sketchup but I bought the Pro subscription because I thought that was the only way to be able to save work to my HD. Unfortunately when I travel and don’t have internet access (when I have the time to use sketchup) it forces me to login and confirm my subscription before it will let me open my file and work in it. Is there a workaround to this?

Log in to SketchUp on your computer while you have internet access. You only need to log in every 28 days to ping the license server. As long as you don’t sign out, you should be fine without internet service during that time.

Well the problem is that I can’t sign out (or turn off my computer) without disconnecting I guess. I was using it a few days before taking an intnl flight and unless I leave my laptop on, it will disconnect me requiring me to sign in over the net before using again. I was hoping there was enough downloaded to my HD with a Pro subscription that I could at least use it without signing in. Pinging sketchup every 28 days wouldn’t be an issue if in between I could turn on/off my computer without losing the ability to use the program. Does that make sense?

If SketchUp was installed correctly quitting SketchUp or shutting down you computer won’t force you to sign in again when you start it up. If it does, that would imply that you haven’t installed SketchUp correctly so needed permissions weren’t granted by Windows.

If that’s what you are seeing, quit SketchUp now, find the downloaded installer, right click on it and choose run as administrator. If prompted, choose the Repair option.

Sounds good, I will try that. Thanks for the advice.

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