Use Sketchup with an internet connection

I take my laptop to a client’s house to use Sketchup in the design process and it takes time to connect to their wifi, if they have wifi, and then it takes more time to actually get logged into Sketchup. I take my laptop to a construction site which may or may not have wifi and can’t get logged in at all. How to I open Sketchup Pro without having to go through this tedious log-in process?

If you have a subscription license and have signed in at the office while you have internet access you should not need to sign in when out and about. No need for an internet connection then.

Do I have to keep the computer on and the program loaded when changing location?

After you have signed in you shouldn’t need to sign in again, unless you signed out, for 28 days. You could test that by turning off your WifI after closing SketchUp, that should show what the experience would be like.

There may be other time savings though in having SketchUp and the model you’re going to show open, and your laptop in sleep mode. Then, even if this was the day you’re supposed to sign in, you should be allowed to continue working on the model that is already open.

You should not need to keep either the computer or the program on.

Did you install SketchUp correctly by right clicking on the downloaded installer and selecting Run as administrator?

Once, while on a construction site without Wi-Fi, I used my cell phone to create a hot spot by sharing my connection with my computer.

If this is just for logging in, for example, it doesn’t take much time and don’t eat too much of my data plan with my cell phone signal provider.

Once logged in, I start SU then I can shut down the connection sharing.

I can do such a quick connection when required to get my E-mails or download models from the 3D Warehouse or etc.