Should I give up on SketchUp?



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SketchUp Pro has been extremely beneficial to my company for years! I recently took a teaching position with the Department of Corrections. I started developing my curriculum using a free trial. I planned on entering my license at the end of the trial but I am running into this online license verification issue. See, my work computer will never be allowed to connect to the internet. From what I have read in the forums, there is no other way to get my copy of SketchUp running in the institution. Is this true, or is there a way to use my license without connecting to the internet.


I could be wrong, but I think Pro requires an internet connection only when you first load the license key. After that, it can be fully used without an internet connection.

So if you can arrange permission to connect your work computer to the internet only the one time, you could then use it thereafter. Of course you’ll have to come up with some method to load any extensions and 3D Warehouse models you want to use, such as downloading at home and putting them on a USB stick which you then bring to the office.


I’d say don’t give up so easily. Have you contacted customer support? The forums are primarily user-based support so you may get different responses from the community than contacting SU directly.


Thanks for your replies. There is no force of will that can move the State on connecting my machine to the internet as it is a security risk. To purchase another license would use up about 1/3 of my annual budget. Is there a version of SketchUp for education that does not require an internet connection?


Please contact Support directly. They can help you to authorize your copy of SketchUp Pro without connecting it to the internet.


Thanks for your help everyone! Jbacus, I will do your suggestion.