Subscription without an internet connection?

So I am thinking about going with the subscription deal? But I am curious.
There are times I use sketchup where there is not an internet connection available. On the classic licence this has not been an issue. Will this become an issue when I move to subscription?

You would only need an internet connection for a few moments once every 28 days to allow SketchUp to register your subscription.

Thanks Dave.

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But those few moments will nearly always be when you most need it and are a long way from a connection.

I’m guessing I’m a glass half empty man. Comes from experiences like shutting down your laptop when you need to check out and run to the airport only to find that windows has decided to do an update and threatens you with dire consequences if you turn off your computer.


Murphy’s law of course is always at play. But even a basic cellular phone can be used as a temporary connection in a pinch.

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