Internet Down for a week and couldn't use sketchup pro as I had to sign in!

The internet cable to our Island was knocked down and severed due to a snow storm. When power was restored, I discovered I was locked out of my Sketchup Pro subscripition as it required a sign in to operate! So I could not do any work for about a week. Why do I have to sign in once a month when I have paid for the year? Never used to be like this with the old model. Thankfully the outage was repaired quickly. Early estimates suggested it could take a month. I would feel much more secure knowing my skethup program that is current can be used without a sign in. Also, I could not access my work using older programs (SU 2020). This will be an issue for me in a few years when I retire but still want acces to some of my models.

Did you had cell phone signal ?

Do you have a smart phone ?

If so, you can create a hotspot using your phone like a router and then connect your computer to the Internet. Logging in for SketchUp should not bust your data plan.


Those devices get their internet via cables to the cell towers. I suspect those may not have worked either


@Elmtec-Adam and Jean_lemire Thanks for your responses. Unfortunately I have no cell coverage where I live. The only option for me is to unplug my comptuer and haul it to a nearby town. Thankfully Telus, our internet/service provider was able to replace the downed overhead fibre optic lines over fast moving ocean currents and we now are reconnected.

Not all cell phone plans allow this.

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