Classic or Subscription

I am getting ready to pay for Pro. I know there are a lot of discussions about Pro classic vs subscription. I don’t have wifi at home or at my welding shop. I have noticed that with the trial I sometimes have to sign in online. I do this by using my phone as a hotspot. Then I can go a few days without needing to sign in again. Do both the Classic & Subscription licenses work like this or would one be better than the other for mostly offline work.

With the Classic license you shouldn’t need to have Internet access to start it up because the license is resident on the computer. Obviously you won’t have access to the various other functions that require Internet access but for just modeling, it should work fine.

Does subscription need internet to start it every time?

SketchUp seems to open up with you logged in, if you were previously logged in. With Internet disabled it will still work. If you were signed out when you last quit, then you do get stuck.

No, you can have a 28-days period offline, after that, you will need to sign in again


here is the complete detailed information about classic and subscription license. just go through this.
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