Newbie Question using Sketchup Go offline?

Hi All, Just got Sketchup Go, I had played around with the free version for a month or so. Reason I bought Go was that the description says use it wherever you work. I have several long haul flights coming up ( first one tomorrow) and I was going to use the time to work / learn more about Go. I have a model, saved in the cloud, I have downloaded it to my laptop. But when off line and I fire up my laptop and try to open the file, I get a " you are offline" message. I know I am probably doing something stupid but can anyone help ??
Thanks in advance

Go is web based, it needs to be online to start up. It can run offline once started but it can’t start offline, and I wouldn’t trust it to stay running offline either.

Thanks Box, I was thinking that, so saying you can use it wherever you work, isn’t correct…BUMMER

It sort of is correct if you have phone or wifi connection. But yes, it is something that many people have issues with. Those of us that have unconnected workshops and such. The plane might have wifi.