Didn't want desktop so bought sketch go, but it's useless for me!

hello. title says all. bought a laptop specifically to use sketchup. then as soon as it was finished setting up like 20 minutes ago i tried going on sketch up and it took me to some web browser based version. all of my work is in rural areas with absolutely no internet so i upgraded to sketchup go. just realised this is also web based. how can i refund it and buy the actual downloadable software. ive had it like 20 minutes.

sketchup go is absolutely useless to me

Have you contacted support? I know that some people have bought sketchup go and upgaded to sketchup pro paying the difference, but you´ll have to contact support in case you haven´t done it yet.


as simple as going to sketchup.com , connecting to your account, then looking for plan managment and upgrading to Pro.

as stated here, go is web + ipad, pro is offline + web + ipad

note that still, once every month, you’ll need a connexion to log in. just for a minute.

You can upgrade from Go to Pro, without having to get a refund. You pay the difference in price. Read this article:


Note that with subscription versions of SketchUp Pro an internet connection is required at least every 28 days (to re-authorize your account).