GO Compatabilty with Laptops

I’m 73 yrs old and lost most of my technical know how. I purchased GO not knowing it is an ipod app. I can’t use that - laptop only. Will Go work with a laptopp?

Hello, sketchup go is for ipad indeed
with a go subscription you also have access to sketchup for web, that you can use on a laptop, if it is connected to the internet.

SketchUp for Web | Online 3D Modeling | Browser Based Design

Thanks Paul. With GO download I see no possibility to load web version. Can’t get help from tech support or sales. Do I need to repurchase GO?

if you don’t own an ipad, the sketchup GO app is going to be useless.
To load sketchup web version, click on my link, sign in with the email that you use for the purchase and start modeling !

If you don’t plan to use sketchup for any commercial purpose, keep in mind that you can use sketchup for web, as a hobby, without having to pay for sketchup Go. You may consider asking for a refund if that’s the case

This is not actually right. SketchUp Go is for use in Web browsers on PC, Mac, and others like Chrome. SketchUp for iPad is for use on the iPad. Different critters.

If you purchased the subscription for SketchUp Go you do not need to buy it again.

Go to Trimble Identity in your web browser and sign in with the same e-mail address and password you set up when you purchased the subscription.

my bad, got confused by the plans and pricing page

AARG! I can’t get any help from tech or sales to change the app. I don’t want Sketchup Free because it limits the tool bars available. I’ll keep trying to contact them, but its been days sending texts to them and no response.
Regardless, thank you both for taking the time to provide assistance.

You shouldn’t need tech or sales support. Just do what I directed.

Note that as far as the toolbars are concerned. SketchUp Go and SketchUp Free look almost identical. There are a few additional tools with SketchUp Go but the user interface is the same.

Ok Dave. Looks like FREE is what I’ll have to be happy with. Still need a refund from Trimble. lol

Why? What was it you were actually expecting to get when you purchased SketchUp Go?

There are additional tools and capabilities with SketchUp Go.

How do you intend to use SketchUp? What will you be modeling?