Sketchup iPad / Sketchup Go

I went to the the online version of sketchup, as someone who pays for the iPad version, I assume I can access Go online if I already subscribe to sketchup on iPad. Shouldn’t I get that as part of the package? When I sign in with my Apple ID, will I automatically be taken to Sketchup Go online in the browser? Also, can I access Go through my desktop PC?

SketchUp for Web is a part of your SketchUp Go subscription. When you open SketchUp for Web, you just need to log in with the credentials you used for you subscription.

When you signed up for your Go subscription, you chose the option to hide your email address. To make sure that signing in now matches the address that Apple lets us see, use the Sign in with Apple option.

If you have a SketchUp Go subscription , whether you’ve purchased from Apple, from an Authorised Reseller or direct from , you get access to the same products.

Simply sign into my with the Trimble ID you have your subscription attached to, where you can see a view of all products you have.

If you wish to get straight into SketchUp web on a desktop machine, you can go directly to