Have bought SketchUp Go but can't find anywhere to download it

I have bought SketchUp Go and can see it in my account but with no way to download it


Sketchup go is a web based version, there’s no desktop app.
Sketchup Go also includes the ipad app which can be downloaded from the apple App Store.

SketchUp Go works online, like the Free version. You access it in your browser. If you have an iPad, you can also install the iPad version.

In your account it will show you the link to SketchUp for web

Which is

If you need to use SketchUp for I.Pad , then download it from the App Store and sign in with the same Trimble ID.
If you use the “sign in with apple” optio because your Apple ID annd Trimble ID use the same email address option you MUST NOT hide your email, otherwise you will not sign in correctly.

If you were trying to get the the desktop version of sketchup and bought the incorrect license you can upgrade and just pay the difference to go from a GO to a Pro or Studio versions.